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War vs Peace: Confessions of a pacifist Indian Army wife

I am a pacifist, an adjective I picked to describe myself after much deliberation. I chose this word after being part of the war establishment...

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Uber se tang aye drivers

At least 5,000 drivers of online taxi platforms Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd) and Uber Technologies Inc. staged a protest in Central Kolkata...

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The Story Of Delhi’s Most Haunted House

We are not alone. At least not as alone as we would like to think we are. The dead surround us. While you sleep, your walkway is...

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Bioremediation for Cleaner Ganga

The TrickyScribe: Traversing over 2,500 km, from Gangotri glacier in the Himalayas...

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What is success

Why one should never give up? Why success matters a lot? Why Hardwork matters in an era of smart work? What is the importance of acquiring...

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