A little thing About Us

We Write is born on a believe that if we give people the power of expressing their thoughts, experiences, stories and what happing around them, this world of ours will eventually become more better and simpler.

We are on a mission to make media totally user based

How will be do that?

By giving people tools which can help them connect to like minded people and share there stories, news & happenings, because we believe that when we share we learn, when we learn, we evolve.

What's the need of WeWrite?
The work of the media is same as a waiter, it's to serve news or stories as it is, but right now the condition is pathetic because the waiter has turned into a chef, they have started making news, So it's time people decide whats they are really interested in.

Some WeWrite tools at a glance:

FakeCheck: WeWrite's FakeCheck is a revolutionary approach to fight fake content (News, Article, Photos,  Videos, People) that is blooming over the Web and is really dangerous. With Wewrite's FakeCheck you can just add a link that you doubt to be fake, and that's it you are done, people will vote the link whether it's real or fake.

Lost&Found: It's a PinBoard where people can Pin they have Lost Or Found for the whole community to have a look and help. We came up with this when we met a young guy looking everywhere for his mother who got missing, she was new in the town, have came all the way from there native place to meet his son, and she even doesn't use a phone. Loosing someone or something is really painful, we all come across these type of stories everyday through Whatsapp or facebook, so we thought why not make a tool where more people can help.

People Behind It:
We are a team of four people working on WeWrite right now, but you know what we just got another member in the team "It's You".

All of us are college students, who think media is not doing what it should do, so here we are with our own platform.

Wanna help shoot us a mail

We Write

We Write

A totally user based tech media platform.