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Love at SBS part 1

First Part

The SBS Mess, 8: 30 Pm

After Such a long and hectic day, I entered the mess for having my dinner. Though I was not so much fond of eating in the mess but today I was in no mood to go outside, so for sake of going outside I bought a coupon, took the meal in the plate sat on the corner table, adjacent to the LCD TV.

"Yaar! There`s a presentation tomorrow and I was totally unaware of it. I am not at all prepared for it", the girl sitting on the table next to me said to her friend.

"Hey! Whose presentation? I mean which topic and subject", the girl sitting next to her asked.

"Marketing...Ramashashtry Sir", the girl replied, one could have easily estimated the amount of fear she had on her face.

"O God! That means you`re in real problem, if that presentation won`t do his way, he`ll definitely nail you. Girl you`re screwed", the 2nd girl warned

"God please save me! ", The girl closed her eyes and prayed.

I was listening to them from the beginning, finally interrupted in between, being unable to hold my interest in their chat.

"Sorry but what is the topic", I asked the girl.

"Elephantine case study", the girl replied instantly without even wasting a nanosecond.

"Hmmm! then I can help you. We are done with this one, if you say I can mail you the PPT. All you have to do is to present", I asked her wearing a broad smile on my face.

"O really! That`s so nice of you",the girl was overjoyed as if she has hit the jackpot.

"Bye the way I am Ronit", I introduced myself so as to know her name too. In fact guys are always good at that.

"Avni...I am Avni from BIMHRD", she replied.

Avni.....What a nice name!.

" So Avni where do I send the PPT", I asked

"Hmm...send me at and please send it by 10:30", she replied

"Arey its fine, don`t worry", I replied and we all moved out of the mess.

The SBS Hostel, Girls wing; 11:00 PM

Avni was desperately waiting for the PPT as she hadn`t prepared any. "Uff ...Ronit please send me the PPT. Even I am so dumb, didn`t even ask his no. or the college to which he belongs", she cursed herself.

At the same time I was trying hard to attach the file to the mail but SBS WLAN was not at all in the mood to support it. After roaming from one cluster to another for better signal strength, finally I managed to win the battle over it and send the PPT with a delay of another 30 minutes.

I was still thinking, how she`ll react to this as I was more then and hour late from the time. But to my surprise I got the reply in just 2 minutes.

"Thanks Ronit! Hope I`ll be able to make out something from it", it said.

I was really overjoyed with the kind of response. In less then a minute I revert back to her.

"Hey don`t worry, everything will be fine tomorrow. After all I've also rectified the errors. Anyways are you on Facebook?", I replied.

I was waiting for her mail in reply but it never came. Finally I went to sleep at around 1:00 PM.

Next Day; 6:35 PM

Another Hectic day! 4:30 hours of Economics and that too from Proff. G.N Sivakumar, How can one tolerate the amount of Supply Demand Concepts for that long; I said to my classmate Ravi while returning from the college

"Ronit.........Ronit..........!!", Suddenly I stopped when I heard somebody calling me from behind. I turned back and to my surprise.It was Avni.

For the first time I gave a top to bottom look to her. She was looking really beautiful in that black white colored suit. The Kajal that she was wearing in her eyes was making her very cute. "I wish she could be my friend", My heart said.

In the meanwhile Avni came closer to me and greeted me. It feels awesome when a girl greets you and that too when the girl is so pretty.

"Hi Avni! How was your presentation", I asked.

"It went on smoothly. At least he didn't showed us the way to the door", Avni replied

"Great! Lets go and do some work ........but only thanks....Isse kya hoga", I smiled at her

"Hmm... say then what else you want? ", She gave me puzzled look

"Nothing re! Some other time ...but don`t forget....Anyways you know I mailed you last night", I replied.

"When? ....last night only I replied to you mail . That`s where I got you PPT na.", She answered.

"No I am not asking about that one, I replied you asking whether you`re on Facebook or not", I asked.

"Ohh! May be the time you sent that I would have gone to sleep. I was feeling damn sleepy then. It was just for sake of the PPT, I was awake", Avni replied.

"Oh okay! I thought something else", I sighed.

"What? What you thought?",She asked.

"Nothing re forget it", I replied. It was better to avoid any further questions on that topic.

"Ronit! You`re from BITM, most disciplined amongst the four colleges in SBS",Avni said. Her tone was like as if she was trying to tease me

"Yup! But how`d you know that", I was amazed.

"From your Tag itself stupid!", Avni smiled.

"O ya!......Hmm...Anyways where are you going now?", I asked her.

"Hmmmm...To ESQUARE", Avni replied and started laughing.

I gave a sarcastic look to her. I wonder why girls have terrible sense of humor. Its always the guy who brings out some, even if there is no sense of laughing at their jokes.

"Okay okay....Sorry ...! Jokes apart. Just going to my room. Do you think we get anytime for fun after college hours. This deadline of 9:30 is the biggest problem",She said

"Avni...Avni chalna nahi hai kya ", one of her friend who was waiting for her asked.

"Riya ! Wait..I am coming in a minute", she answered to her friend and revert back to me.

"Ronit! I must have to go..She`s waiting..See you then bye", She said.

"Okay Avni....Bye and don`t forget to check your Facebook Account today then", I replied.

"Umm...Okay..I`ll do that", She answered and moved towards the girls wing of the SBS hostel.

I stood there till she entered the hostel. There was tremendous amount of charm in her presence. "Is it the First stage of Love...or Infatuation", I asked myself .......Only God knows .............

SBS Hostel,Boys Wing,9:30 Pm

I came back to my room at around 9:30 after having my dinner and the first thing I did was turning on my laptop. I logged into my FB account and typed the keywords Avni, BIMHRD, 4 results appeared for it.

"Avni Raj ...Avni Sarkar....Avni Jain...yes Avni Jain! She`s from Kolkata", I said to myself as soon as I identified her profile through the Display picture.

Should I send the request? ; I was still in dilemma whether I should send the request or not. Finally I did what my heart said .Its better to listen to your heart sometimes so I sent the request to her.

To my surprise, instantly I got a notification saying your request has been accepted.

"Bingo!", I said to myself. A broad smile came on my face. Without being wasting a single minute I opened the chat box and wrote an IM to her.

Her reply came within seconds. The chat continued for more then 2 hours. I didn`t know how she felt for me, but one thing I was sure of that she definitely enjoyed the chat we had.

"Hey it`s almost 12:00, I think we should sleep now", Avni said.

"Are you feeling sleepy?", I asked. That was kind of emotional blackmail.

"Not really, but what to do with this SBS schedule", She replied.

" I think why I am here, there`s no social life here", I said.

"Anyways Can I get your cell number", I added.

"Hmm......its +91-9876543210. What about yours?",Avni answered.

"Check your phone",I replied as soon I sent a SMS on her number instantly.

"Yup! Got it..... Chal I am leaving then... Good night ...bye Ronit", Avni said

"Okay Avni, bye take care ....Good Night"; I replied.

The very next moment she logged out.

For next one hour I was thinking about her only. There was something....some kind of bonding building between me and her. I guess I was started with admiring her. That was the best night at SBS till date.

Next morning

Beep Beep......My mobile phone ranged. I took out my hand from the blanket and checked my phone.

Good Morning! Have a nice day J ; It was Avni `s sms

A broad smile came on my face. Mornings at Pune were never like this before. I was able to feel some kind of romanticism that was flowing in the air of SBS hostel.

"Good Morning AvniJ , whatzz upp?? What are your plans for today?", I replied

Within a minute or two, I got the reply; "Nothing plans yet! Boring classes from 9 to 6:30, feeling so tired", she texted

Hmmm....She is free, Should I ask her for a coffee? What if she denies; I asked myself. Anyways after thinking for 2 more minutes I made up my mind and finally asked despite of these questions that were arising in my mind.

"Lets go for a coffee then!", I asked.

The next two minutes were the longest 2 minutes of my life. My heartbeat came to normal when I got the reply.

"Okay ....! But when?", She asked.

"Evening at 7:00 , Chinchwad, What`s say" ; I replied.

"Fine, I`ll be ready...Pick me up" ; She replied.

Yipeee!!!!!.....I jumped out of my bed in excitement and hugged my roommate. Everything seemed like a dream. It was the first time I asked a girl for the coffee. Both of my roommates got confused while they saw me dancing in the whole room.

Finally after thinking for 15 more minutes, I settled down and that too when my roommates scolded me.

The day at college was like the longest day of my life. I was cursing every second that was passing on. It was a really long awaited evening in my life.

Hostel Gate,7:00 PM

I came down to the hostel main gate and called her up.

"Hey Avni! Where are you?", I asked.

"Give me just 2 minutes. I`ll be there",she replied.

"Okay Fine..I am waiting at the gate then"; I said and disconnected the line.

After waiting for around 10 more minutes, finally she came down to the hostel main gate.

Damn! She was looking like an diva in that black colored Top and Blue Jeans. Careless curls coming on her face were adding more beauty to her face.

"Hi Ronit!" ; She greeted.

"Umm....Haan...Hello Avni", I woke up from the day dream.

"You`re looking gorgeous today", I added.

"Thanks Ronit, Can we move now, otherwise we won`t be able to come back before 9:30", She replied. I was able to see her redden face.

"Hmm...Sure", I replied as I moved to the parking area of the hostel.

In less then 40 minutes, we were in the CCD. Everything was like a dream coming true.

CCD was not so much crowded as it used to be. Except for us there were hardly 8-10 peoples. We managed to find a corner table and sat there.

"So Avni! What you would like to have", I asked while she made her comfortable.

"Hmmm! A cappuccino will be fine", she replied with a cute smile on her face.

Smile.......I wish I could see her smiling all day long. It was a real treat.

I ordered two cappuccinos and kept on staring her. By the time they could have served the order I thought of talking to her. But for the first time in my life I was feeling very nervous about how to start.

The moment, I was about to say anything, Avni suddenly spoke up.

"Ronit! Where are you from", Avni asked.

"Hmmm that`s a million $ question", I giggled.

Avni remained silent; I guess that was not the right time to crack a joke.

"Okay okay...Jokes apart, I am from Jaipur", I answered

"Oh! Pink City...Cool.. I've never been there, I wish I could", Avni Smiled,

"Sure! I can take you there if u allow",I replied.

We then engrossed in talking about ourselves and our lifestyles. It was a really fantastic time with her. Everything was seeming like a fairy-tale. She was very sensitive and softhearted. The more I came across her, my attraction towards her was increasing.

"Ronit! I think we should leave now, its getting late", she said.

'Ohhh ya! Let`s move then", I answered

By the time we reached hostel. It was almost 9:15 PM. I stopped the bike near hostel gate for her to get down. I parked the bike in the stand and came near her.

"Ronit! You`re a very sweet and caring guy", Before I could have said anything she came closer to me and whispered in my ears.

I was not at all expecting this compliment from her. I just looked into her eyes.

Both of us were speechless. Neither I was in mood to say anything, nor she was, only our eyes were speaking, but that 9:30 restriction was the biggest problem that made us to depart unwonted.

"Bye Ronit", She said softly and moved slowly towards her hostel wing.

"Bye Avni!", My heart said. I stood there for the time still she reached near staircases. It was more like a movie scene that reminded me of DDLJ as in such Kajol and Shahrukh were departing from one another and music being played at the background. I came back to my room with heavy legs and mind being lost in her thoughts.

Boys Hostel – SBS, 10:30 PM

I was still thinking about her, even though I had an assignment on Marketing Management to submit tomorrow. Something unusual was happening to me, something magical that was impossible to be framed in words. Is this love.....?? I questioned myself

I don`t know what made me , but being unable to control my emotions , suddenly I picked up my phone and dialed her number. She didn`t turn up for the first time. So again I called her again but there was no response from her for the 2nd time too.

I was really disappointed as well as confused about why she was not picking up the call. One of the biggest irony is life is that what you really want to do ends up in a failure when you`re in a situation like this.

For instance I was very much disappointed. My heart was not at all ready for this and was still trying to figure out the possibilities and suddenly my phone rang up.

It was Avni`s call, my heart pounded joy. I picked the call.

"Hello Avni", I said.

"Hi Ronit! Sorry I was in the washroom so didn`t pick the call",she said. There was immense amount of warmth in her voice. I just loved it.

"Hmm...!! It`s okay. Its just I was thinking about you, so called up", I said.

" So sweet of you ....Even I forgot to thank you for such a wonderful evening", Avni said.

"No need to say thanks Avni! I wish I could have been able to spend whole evening with you holding your hand," I said. I don`t know what made me to say this but that`s all what my heart wanted to say.

She didn`t spoke up for a while. I guess what I said was indecent and beyond my limit. But after a keeping silent for a few minutes she just spoke up.

"Ronit! Do you know, you`re the first guy whom with I have went for a coffee. I don`t know what had made me to accept your invitation. I certainly don`t know why I accepted your invitation when my mind was still saying no", Avni said.

I was really speechless. I was not in a situation to say anything. This was something which a boy wants to hear from a girl at least once in his life.

"Avni ! I don`t know what to say. All I can say that I`ve started liking you", I said. My full body was literally shivering when I said this.

"Ronit! Even I`ve started liking you. I like your decency, your warm nature and your sense of humor", Avni replied.

One thing that was very special about her that she was always smiling and lively. We talked for almost half an hour and that too I realized when the line got disconnected in the middle of the chat. Without being wasting a second I called her back,

"Avni! What happened?", I asked.

"Nothing re! Actually my cluster mates were shouting so guard came and I had to disconnect the line. Anyways don`t you miss your Family?", She asked.

"Of course! I miss my mom, she is the best part of my life", I replied.

"Hmm....Just like my dad is my life... I love my dad", she said.

"Yup Family is something which is the true essence of our personality and life", I said.

"Avni! Can we meet tomorrow?", I asked her before she could have said anything

"Ummm....Ohh......let me think", Avni got surprised with this abrupt question of mine.

"Ohh...Okay Take your own time", I was a bit disappointed with her answer.

"Ronit! I think we should sleep now, its too late. Good Night, Take care and have sweet dreams", she replied.

"Good Night Avni! You too take care, bye", I replied and disconnected the line. I don`t know why? But my heart was not at all expecting this...So in order to relax I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.

Beep Beep... my cell phone buzzed.

It was a sms, so I just ignored that for a while. After a few minutes I picked my phone and checked thinking it might be something important.

"Ronit! See you in the evening", it was Avni`s sms. I was extremely delighted after watching this. It gave me a soothing feel. I closed my eyes and started thinking about the time when I`ll meet her again.

Stay tuned for next part 😉

Courtesy : Pankaj Priyadarshi

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar