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Neverending love💚

She called my soul 

She called my heart

She rung that beautiful wire of my guitar

She gave me pain,she healed again

Her care didn't let me go back again

 Her shower of love

Was tender than dove

Her power of words

Was stronger than my thirst

Each time i see ,walk and talk with her, a new and better arises in me by her

My magical girl by her tricks

Was owning my days bricks by bricks

When I felt dead, she gave me life

When I lost me ,she made me drunk,by a good wine of mine

We felt that all,the love,the hate, pain n gain ,that pleasure n treasure, 

That all which I still feel in my veins

We all have our two sides,

I accepted her both,by keeping my bad aside

We all together bearing each other's laugh n tear, even without a beer

I always tried to make her wet by my pride, my rain of share, love with all my efforts

Was n is always ready to be her favourite desert

Manyatimes I have lost me ,by the fear of loosing her

N do believe she is the only one to whom I am showing prefer

Her essence will keep her alive in me, no matter if she goes by walking far from me

People tries to loosen the grass of  our friendship's nest


 make me ur iron,be my magnet, my heart healer you please be calm as the ocean and feel the breeze with me, by leaving all false notions, filling my palm by your devotion.  . ❣

Yashi Chaudhary

Yashi Chaudhary


Beautiful poem 😊

This poem is for my fairy... ankita di.. dont go stay with me