The India " we " want

Almost 3 years are gone when the current government came into power with the promise of upliftment , better jobs , minimizing the scale of unemployment and taking the country to new horizons, New laws and various other schemes came with the idea of transforming the nation . As we all are aware the country is suffering from not only unemployment but even skilled youth that can excel in the field of their expertise , not only that the country still isn't free from the ever growing problem of pollution even after the launch of "Swaach Bharat" or "Namami Gangey" as around 2000cr are spent on it's cleaning and till date the result is zero, Sometimes i wonder is this what as a person or we as youth of this nation ever wanted for a bright and rich as a cultural and historical country as of ours. The economic gap is becoming big day by day and the privatisation of everything is gonna lead to a country controlled by corporate world driven by a corporate agenda but where is the sense of happiness ?? which was promised and is promised during each and every general state or country elections. Sometimes , with my imaginary state of mind , i often create situations about what kind of country of what kind of india we all want: 

1. Liberal : I never understood why the harmony of this great nation is ever disturbed by anyone just for the sake of some votes or to rise in prominence , is negative promotion that important that by hampering the harmony of people you want to grow ? 

2. Implementation of Schemes on ground : As a named it above "Namami Gangey" project is the biggest failure delivered from this current government and other one's i will cover in other articles . An India where schemes are not just announced but also implemented is the need of the hour. 

3. Focus on sports health : Excessive use of gadgets and that too just for social networking is gonna take this country nowhere but better health with sports exercising do, and for this purpose sports must be made important in every curriculum 

4.Healthcare and education : The government must spend on these two institutions on it's own , just a few AIIMS and IIT's can't change the whole scenario as more work is required on the grassroots. 

5. Skill Development

Unemployment is becoming big in our country day by day and one of the major issue is that we just don't know the basic skills in the area in which we have specialized. More skill development centres are required to bridge this gap , so that whatsoever are the issue's can be addressed. 

Their are various other domains that demand our attention like better connectivity and infrastructure but these 5 currently are the basic needs of the hour to see the India i want to see , The India "we" all want to see in the coming time.

Raghav Sharma

Raghav Sharma


Well done !

That's Great we have people who thinks about the nation 

Can't agree more to Ritum but do you really think that solving the 5 probs mentioned above will solve other problems that we as a Democratic Country  are faceing for example The Economic Growth, after Demonetization and GST growth levels are at all time low, government is trying hard to not highlight the actual numbers...

I request you please explain how these five points can solve other probs of our Country may be here in the opinions or in another article.

Outstanding work sir, really you put up all valid points, i was just watching an interview of Jignes a new MLA from Gujrat and your views are same as him, you are the people we see our next leaders...

Keep up the good work...

Ekdum sahi bahot dino baad kuch accha sa padne mila

Yes it is...